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Many thanks to ft_7 for the tip off about our dear Ted being on TSN's Off The Record. I managed to catch the rerun at noon, and oh, it was hilarious. I recorded bits and pieces of it (had to conserve, since I was using the end of a tape) and if I knew how to put them online, I would, but I'm afraid I don't. :( Still, let me fill you in on what happened:

- they were discussing Cujo
- Ted didn't contribute to the discussion very much, except for one comment: "Everything he touches turns to gold." Ahahahahaha.
- then they all turned to Ted and asked him about his reign as the Canadian Tire king of commercials, and one man told him that his son was looking a little overweight.
- HE SANG THE SONG!!1 ("I'll start with you")
- and made an oh-so-witty comment about a man who was hypothetically stranded on his boat in the middle of a lake.

But yes. He shaved his beard!! It's gone! Still, he didn't seem to say he'd stopped doing the commercials, so maybe the beard's on hiatus, just like Ted.
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