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Random linkage...

So I've been trying to find a little bit of information on our friend, Ted. Some random searches around the 'net ended in . . .

- Carlsberg: Carlsberg strikes me as the kind of beer the punchably smug Canadian Tire Guy would drink (real name: Ted Simonette). And that's all I have to say about that.

a little quote from an article about the Mondial de la bière

- This chain of comments which is actually pretty goddamned funny.

The guy in the Canadian Tire ads?? Noooo, it’s the woman who is such an irritating witch…laughing as the guy’s water jug rolls down the road, playing her boring video during the camping trip, taking off on the four wheeler when the husband had planned to…

- This very bitter entry from some guy who has seemingly had a rough childhood, and therefore writes a (kind of oddly serious) entry about how the Canadian Tire Guy is taking credit for other people's ideas ... Calm down there buddy, he's just a guy with a beard.

Other than that, I've found some information that Canadian Tire recently switched ad companies, and it isn't likely that many more commercials with Ted will be made anymore... Now, I don't like the guy, but I do dislike him in such a way that anything he does is just absolutely hilarious to me because I know it's going to get spoofed or torn to shreds. So if it's true I'm really kind of upset...

He also has a confidentiality agreement in regards to his Canadian Tire character... That's why there's no information on him or anything. I wonder since his contract has (possibly?) ended, if he'd be able to take interviews... How awesome would he be to get an interview with? I think it'd be great.

Since there seems to be so many Rick fans as well, I think it'd be great if Rick interviewed him.

Okay I'll stop posting now. XD
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